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Import & Export

Import & Export

For all your Foreign Currency needs.


If your company is importing or exporting goods from or to overseas destinations, there is every chance you will need to exchange funds to send overseas or you will receive foreign funds that you will need to exchange into GBP. We, at South West Foreign Exchange, look to work with any company - start-ups, small and large - involved in international trade.

Competitive exchange rates are vital to a successful business. The better the exchange rate, the more competitive your business will be. We can buy foreign currency at the same market rate as banks, but we can give you a far more competitive rate to help you maximise your profits.

We want to offer you every possible advantage in the ever-fluctuating currency market and to make sure you are set up to complete transactions as effectively, competitively and efficiently as possible.

Be it your first time dealing with such matters or even if your company is experienced in international trade, we set you off on the right track or make improvements on what you are already doing.

How we help your business

We aim to make sure you have a full understanding of the currency market and the different ways you can purchase or exchange your funds. Here are some the ways we can help:

• Guarantee of the best exchange rate possible
• Clearly identifying the margin you buy at so you can cost your goods accordingly
• Provide guidance when buying or selling money in advance to protect your margins
• Fair and transparent pricing on all currency contracts
• Online trading for all money transfers.
• Same day payments on certain currencies
• Zero fees when sending funds abroad

Free currency health check

We will give you as much information as possible to efficiently manage and control your overseas payments. We take the time to go through your actual requirements with you as part of our free currency health check to implement a buying strategy that suits your business and the risk you are willing to undertake, not what your bank has to offer.

A lot of banks will either put you off dealing with independents such as ourselves, declaring your funds are unsafe or you will not get the expertise offered by themselves, both these claims are untrue. Funds held by ourselves, through our partner Earthport FX Ltd, are kept in secure client accounts, within banks themselves and the help and guidance you will receive from us will outweigh anything you will get from your bank, especially if you are an SME where the volume you trade will have a huge bearing on the information you get.

We would be delighted to see what improvements we can make. Please don’t think your business is too small. Any saving we can make will make you more competitive. Often the smaller the company the worse rates you will get from your bank. That doesn’t need to be the case.

Contact us

If your business is involved in international trade and you think we might be able to help in any way, please do get in touch by email or call us on 01548 857009.

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Trade with Europe Ltd is specialising in services for UK companies to export. We offer complete and cost efficient fulfilment solutions for Europe and the world. We also offer a tool for businesses to remain in the EU after Brexit. Trade with Europe is a one-stop shop, everything is done for you. Save overheads & resources. No language barriers. No VAT or tariffs. Bypass EU trade barriers. No bureaucracy. We manage your logistics and distribution. You stay 100 % in control.

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Whether you’re taking your first steps in export or looking to improve your current export business, contact International Trade Matters today to discuss how our programmes can help you. With decades of experience in overseas trade, we can provide the expertise and guidance required for success. Building a foundation for success in international trade through tools such as the International Trade Matters Export House © or providing one-to-one or one-to-many support, International Trade Matters will work with your company at every stage of your export journey.

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