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Professional Services

Professional Services


South West Foreign Exchange works with accountants, solicitors, wealth management companies, IFA’s and many other professional service businesses that support clients’ needs in regards to making overseas money transfers and those involved in international trade.

We provide your firms with our range of foreign exchange services so you, in turn, can offer them to your clients to add value to the professional services you already offer.

As South West Foreign Exchange is not tied or influenced by any bank, we have the benefit of being able act totally impartially to assess what your clients’ currency requirements are, and how we might be able to make a valuable and time saving difference to the whole process.

With all banks becoming less and less customer facing we still offer and maintain that personal contact that we consider vital, especially in the volatile market in which we find ourselves today. Everybody likes to be taken care of, and we have the resources to do that. We are your clients’ ears and eyes on the market, making sure deals are done, hopefully, at the right time whilst at the best rate possible.

Our consultancy services are absolutely free to you and your clients. We will normally do a strategic analysis of what your clients’ needs, how they are currently executing them, what rates and deals have been done in the past and then assess what improvements we can make to the current arrangements.

More Profitability

For companies operating in the international marketplace, the consistent movement of the currency markets will always have a bearing on the profits unless managed correctly. We continually speak to our customers making sure that any specific deal does not have the potential to create a loss or even a reduced profit should the market turn against them. We manage the risk and make sure profits are maintained so cash flow can be more easily predicted. We mitigate this risk with the introduction hedging strategies. 

Pricing strategy

As with any deal carried out with a currency exchange element, there is a risk as discussed above. There is also the element of pricing to consider. We offer highly competitive exchange rates that we can almost guarantee are better than your clients are getting elsewhere, especially if they are using their bank, thus making their operation as competitively priced as possible. Our fixed and consistent pricing makes sure all your and our clients know where they stand.

As we are a small operation and do not have the conveyor belt of new customers coming in through large sales teams, every new customer to us is very important and is looked after to the enth degree. Your clients will be dealt by the same person throughout the whole process rather than passed from pillar to post. Every client is dealt with professionally and personally.

We offer these services for money transfers of all sizes. The smaller the deal the worse the exchange rate banks will offer, thus we are happy to deal with any size company.

Contact us

If you have clients that trade in the overseas market place and you think we might be able to help in any way, please do get in touch by email or call us on 01548 857009.

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