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Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

For overseas students needing to pay fees.



Through one of our partners we are able to offer a solution for schools, universities, colleges or any fee paying education system to collect overseas student fees. We understand that all the organisations have unique and specific issues and problems surrounding invoicing, receiving the expected and full settlement of fees and most importantly identifying these fees coming from the particular students.

This will eliminate the international bank deductions and simplify the reconciliation process when the payments are sent.

We can help by offering a simple solution that saves you money on the transaction fees and the foreign exchange rate. We achieve these savings by managing a network of local bank accounts throughout the world that enables the payer to settle a fee in their own local currency.

Alternatively, we offer a simple process which allows parents to speak with us directly and set up a facility to purchase the required fee through a simple foreign exchange contract. Adding to this and if the exchange rate is favourable, we can fix a rate of exchange for a time in the future thus knowing what the fees will be costing from term to term.

If you have such a requirement please do get in touch so we can find a solution.

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